Must Be Perfect! (Mat 5:48)

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    Elohim (YHWH)
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    Yeshua Hamashiach
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Mark Of The Beast

Even tho I'm sharing this video, it's important to point out that most Adventists do not honor nor believe in the keeping of any biblical festivals other than the weekly Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11). We (his true followers) live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of Elohim, as Yeshua proclaimed in Matthew 4:4 when his faith and knowledge was being tested by the devil. This also include all the festivals mentioned in Leviticus 23 and the Tzitzits as per Numbers 15:37-41, which Yeshua wore as described in the passages of Matt 14:36 and Luke 8:44 (TS2009).

As a Messianic I will tell you this, the Adventist are a lot easier to talk too and are far more knowledgeable than all the other denominations I've encountered yet, they fall short concerning the festivals in Leviticus 23. However, I do hear that some are already perfecting their walk and are accepting all the festivals in Leviticus 23. (Praise Yah!)

What's interesting about this particular video is that the Lord already shown me this in the scriptures before I saw this videos a year or two after. God seekers (noticed I did not use the word believers), due to their ignorance, arrogance, and foolishness refuse to study this in the scriptures simply because they believed the Roman Catholic lie and are unwilling to part from their vague and destructive traditions than to believe the words in scripture. Others will reject it for fear of loosing traditional ranks and perverse influence given by unqualified pastors the Lord did not call into the ministry.

But as always, the truth must be upheld no matter who speaks it.


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