Must Be Perfect! (Mat 5:48)

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    Elohim (YHWH)
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    Yeshua Hamashiach
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Is the Sabbath for us too?

This video does not show where Christ "enforced" the Sabbath in Luke 19:45-46.

If we follow what Christ quoted, it will take us to Isaiah 56:7 (House of prayer). This entire chapter is about blessing for those who honor the Sabbath.

Den of Robbers is Jeremiah 7:11, concerning those who break God's commandments, which selling on the Sabbath was a clear transgression.
The reason Crist cleared the temple was because of what God said in Jeremiah 17:19-27 concerning the merchants bringing loads of merchandise to be sold on the Sabbath in the temple.

This was reiterated in Nehemiah 13:15-22. Christ is Lord of Sabbath, meaning, "Master" of the Sabbath for he does honor it.

Yet, he's not Lord of sin nor he is it's master.

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