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Skin Tags

July 27, 2023

Organic Tea Tree Oil 5-10 drops
Organic Oregano Oil 2-3 drops
Organic Lemon Oil 3-4 drops

Now, I like to use it without a carrier oil however, there are some people who can't withstand this type of oil strength. I suggest mixing it with a tiny bit of Pure olive Oil, Almond carrier or Castor carrier. But remember, it's suppose to burn slightly.

For best results use McKesson Adhesive Bandages. They sell them on Amazon for about $6. Apply a drop or two right on the skin tag (make sure it covers the base of the skin tag not just the head) apply at 2-3 times a day. You can leave it over night as you sleep. It should take about 2 to 3 weeks to fall off depending on the size of your skin tag, your specific oil mixture, and strength.

I guess the lawyers would want me to say,

Remember that skin tags in sensitive areas such as the groin and eyelids should always be treated by a medical professional and seek their advice before using these types of oils. If you're unsure, don't use them!

By using these ingredients, combination, and/or amounts you are agreeing to never sell it nor give it to anyone. Have them come to this site so they too can partake in this written covenant (contract). Failure to do so will will result in breaking our agreement and may the Lord judge you accordingly. He has never failed me.

May the Lord judge between us!
Give as freely as you have received.
(Matthew 10:8)
"McKesson Adhesive Bandages"
I bought them on Amazon (of course) and they were on sale for $4.96 discounted from $5.66

As we all may already know the fabric bandages are the stickiest and the best for this and many other types of applications.
After you mixed your concoction and shake-it up a bit, tighten the cap first 😉 you should then proceed to add a few drops right on the dressing cotton pad itself without getting any of it on the adhesive tape.

The main purpose for this is to disable the absorption mechanism of the cotton pad thus allowing the skin tag to remain saturated with the natural oil solution.

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