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Ear Infection (fungus)

July 27, 2023
INGREDIENTS: Shot Glass Size

1/8 TSP (.6ml) of Boric Acid (level)
Fill the rest of the shot glass size cup with Hydrogen Peroxide. Most experts recommend the ototoxicity of boric acid concentrations under than 4%. This should treat the fungus. Reapply as needed.

If you're having moisture (swimmers ears) replace the peroxide with alcohol.

Smash boric acid if needed and stir with Q-Tip but don't not use your dirty finger(s) to stir it. Pour into ear canal until full. It should bubble-up and tickle if you're using peroxide. Leave for 10-15 minutes each ear. Empty ear in sink but let it air dry. You can use it on pets too if you can hold them down long enough.

I guess the lawyers would want me to say,

Remember, always seek the advice of medical professionals or veterinarian before using boric acid, peroxide, or alcohol on yourself or your animals. If you're unsure, don't use them!

By using these ingredients, combination, and/or amounts you are agreeing to never sell it nor give it to anyone. Have them come to this site so they too can partake in this written covenant (contract). Failure to do so will will result in breaking our agreement and may the Lord judge you accordingly. He has never failed me.

May the Lord judge between us!
Give as freely as you have received.
(Matthew 10:8)

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