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July 27, 2023
INGREDIENTS: Use a 2FL oz bottle with dropper

Peppermint Organic Oil 20-30 drops
Rosemary Organic Oil 20-30 drops
Organic Thyme 5 drops
Organic Carrot Seed Oil 5 drops
Pure virgin Olive Oil 1/4 oz
Organic Pure Castor Oil (Cold Pressed) Premium Grade 1 1/2 oz

The main carrier oil, or as some might call it "base oil" will be the Castor Oil. The Pure Virgin Olive Oil will be your secondary carrier in this specific mixture.

You can start with 15-20 drops, add more depending on your sensitivity. It's extremely important that you add more drops of Peppermint and Rosemary until you feel it tingle or a cool breeze. The oil might not work as well if the mixture is too weak, in other words, if you don't feel anything. That's why is important not to buy it, for not everyone has the same tolerance and the one they might be selling is weak to avoid returns due to sensitivity. This is why some store bought mixtures don't work as well on everyone. These mixtures have to be custom made specifically for the person. This is not one mixture fits all (don't fall for it).

Apply two to tree times daily on the affected area, wash area before new application. Never apply on top of old. The Alopecia that is easily treatable is caused just by internal inflammation itself (under scalp).

For a more aggressive approach, or if you want to minimize hair loss add 20-40 drops of Peppermint oil in your conditioner bottle and stir it with a "Handheld Milk Frother". They are about $8-$10 on Amazon. I would not recommend adding Rosemary oil to the conditioner due to the strong Rosemary odor if you're getting reading to go to work or venue.

I myself used this type of treatment (not as strong as this one) due to C0VID-I9 hair loss and it worked beautifully. And no, I did not get the jab, neither did my wife nor daughter. My son on the other hand, and against my wishes did. May the Lord strengthen me on that day if he does not grant my fervent petition.

Hey, I'm currently working (and testing) an Alopecia oil treatment caused by eczema, in which it should treat eczema itself. This type of Alopecia is very aggressive. If I find the right oils and oil combinations, I'll post it for FREE as I post everything else!

I guess the lawyers would want me to say,

Remember, always seek the advice of medical professionals before using these types of oils. If you're unsure, don't use them!

By using these ingredients, combination, and/or amounts you are agreeing to never sell it nor give it to anyone. Have them come to this site so they too can partake in this written covenant (contract). Failure to do so will will result in breaking our agreement and may the Lord judge you accordingly. He has never failed me.

May the Lord judge between us!
Give as freely as you have received.
(Matthew 10:8)

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