Must Be Perfect! (Mat 5:48)

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Atlantic City, NJ

Not Perfect!

Had fun recording this video on Tuesday 8/15/23 at around 12:30pm even though it was almost impossible recording that day with all the sun glare. Now, after Chris uploaded it, we found out my phone settings were at only 720p resolution. Perhaps next time I'll record it at 8k.

Crazy how these F-16A move. When me and my brother were younger, I was around 9 years old, we used to write to the Air force (yes pen and paper) and begged them to send us some posters of any jets.

Believe it or not, they actually did send us a lot of posters and we use to tape them to our bedroom wall. One day they sent my brother this black futuristic looking rocket that we never seen before. It was the largest and best posters we ever received. In the poster was a picture of the SR71 black bird. It was amazing!

Atlantic City, NJ the next day!

Much better day today!

Ok, so we went again the next day 8/16/23 at around 3 pm, this time we brought our son Christian (daddy) and our granddaughter Sarang. I can't believe I recorded the day before at only 720p (unbelievable). We recorded some at 4k and some at 1080 however, once edited the editing software by default picked the lowest resolution for the entire video (bummer).

However, a much better day today for sure!! I'll get my act together as I find my site flow and post 4k-8k videos!


a person who offers an argument in defense of something controversial. "critics said he was an apologist for colonialism"

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